Adult Workshops at Kortright

The Art of Storytelling

November 12, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Cost: $179 + HST

This workshop, presented by Dan Yashinky, is for environmental educators, historic site interpreters, classroom teachers, camp staff and aspiring storytellers. The goal is to create and practice a small repertoire of stories you will be able to tell in a wide range of settings. Participants will learn folktales, remember personal and family stories, and explore the art and tradition of storytelling in creative ways. Open to beginning and experienced storytellers.

Dan Yashinsky is a storyteller, writer, and community animator. He currently works as the storyteller-in-residence at Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care.

Students will learn about traditions of storytelling from around the world, from fables to fairytales, from ghost stories to family lore. We will explore several folktales in depth, making connections to environmental and social justice themes. Students will choose a short folktale and prepare it for telling and listening. In small groups, students will have a chance to work on their short folktales. We will discuss how storytelling is part of personal and family life, and choose a family story to tell.

Prepare for final performance Discussion of performance and setting. Practice storytelling in small groups and to whole class. The goal is to have a repertoire of stories you can put to use in your work.

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Birds of Prey - SOLD OUT

Friday, Nov. 17, 7-9:30pm
Join Wild Ontario's naturalists for an evening all about birds of prey!  In the first part of this program we'll cover the basics of biology, natural history and identification.  Then meet some of Wild Ontario's special (feathered) guests, up close and personal. Finally, head out for a walk on the trails as we try to hear, or maybe even see, some of Kortright's elusive nocturnal inhabitants.

Methods in Environmental Education

Saturday, Dec. 2, 9am-3pm
An important part of being a naturalist is sharing your knowledge with others. This half day session will cover the current methods and practices in environmental education. You will gain hands-on experience in delivering environmental education programming and work with an experienced outdoor educator to learn the principles of environmental education.

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Past Workshops

The Kortright Centre for Conservation is pleased to offer a series of Naturalist Skills workshops designed to give participants a firm foundation in species identification, ecological significance, and biology, as well as memory aids and information about threats/challenges to health and survival. These workshops are also offered as an ‘Ontario Naturalist' certificate course. Visit the Adult Course websiite for more information.

Spring Wildflowers

Saturday May 6, 9am-12pm
April showers bring May flowers. Spring is a fantastic time for a walk in an Ontario park, especially before leaf-out. Hands on learning with an expert will teach you to identify many Ontario spring wildflowers like trout lily, trilliums, bloodroot, mayapple, hepatica and dutchman's breeches.

Beginner Macro and Landscape Photography

Saturday, May 27, 8:30am-12:30pm
Learn the basics of Nature photography with professional photographer Max Skwarna. This in depth photography workshop will consist of two hours of instruction and practice on macro photography and two hours of in the field landscape photography. Cameras are not provided, please bring your own.

Beginner Birding

Saturday, June 3rd, 9:00am-3:30pm
Bird watching and backyard bird feeding are two of the most popular hobbies in North America. With a wide variety of birds living in our backyards, nearby parks and outdoor spaces, such popularity is easy to understand. This workshop is a fun and educational introduction to birding and covers topics including: bird ID, feeding backyard birds, field guides, where and when to look for birds, recording field sightings and birding ethics. Join Kristen Martyn, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited Barrie and expert birder, to learn the basics of birding.

Dragonflies and Damselflies

Saturday June 10, 1-3pm
Learn about the fascinating biology and migration of some of the world's most ancient flying animals - the dragonflies and damselflies! Join Odonata expert David d'Entremont for a whirlwind tour of these strikingly beautiful insects and venture outdoors to learn some in-the-field identification while observing dragonflies and damselflies in their natural habitats.

Tree Identification

Saturday, June 24, 9am - 12pm
Join Natalie Swaak, an experienced urban forester for an interactive, hands-on training session to increase your Tree ID skills. This course will cover common tree species found in Ontario, natural history knowledge, keys and tips and tricks for identifying tree species.

Bat ID and Survey

Tuesday, July 4, 7:30-10pm
Learn about the only mammals that can fly and how their incredible echo-location system works! The evening will begin with a presentation covering a wide variety of bat related topics, including the species native to Ontario and threats such as White-nose Syndrome. The participants will then go out onto the Kortright Centre property to view live bats as they forage for insects overhead and identify them using sophisticated audio detection tools!

Buzz on Bees

Saturday, August 26, 9am -12pm
This workshop will give you an up-close look into the lives of these incredible insects. Learn all about bee biology and identification, their role in our environment, and the threats to their health. We will also tour the active hives and bee education centre at the Kortright Centre. Build a native bee habitat to take home.

Midnight Astronomy

Wednesday July 19 (rain date of July 26), 8:30pm to midnight
Receive a detailed introduction to the basics of Astronomy through an indoor presentation. Learn your way around the night sky in an amazing portable planetarium. We'll venture out into the darkness for naked-eye viewing of constellations, more detailed observations with binoculars (provided) and viewing planets and deep-sky objects through telescopes of amateur astronomers.

Advanced Birding

Saturday, Sept. 9, 9am-3:30pm
This module is for those who have participated in the "Birding for Beginners" workshop or moved beyond bird watching basics. Our expert birder, Kristen Martyn will delve deeper into the more advanced birding topics including: difficult bird ID, bird calls, birding locations and habitats, optical equipment (binoculars and scopes), other birding equipment, nesting behaviours, Ontario migrations and birding etiquette.

Reptiles of Ontario

Thursday, Sept 21, 7-9pm
A hands-on workshop featuring live reptiles from around the province! Learn how to identify and conserve Ontario's snakes, turtles, and lizard from Jeff Hathaway of Scales Nature Park. Learn threats and conservation issues key identification features, distribution, handling techniques, and much more! Participants will have the opportunity to handle various live species.

Fall Colours Photography

Saturday, October 14, 8:30am-12:30pm
Photograph the spectacular fall colours with professional photographer Max Skwarna. This workshop consists of two hours of instruction and practice on macro photography and two hours of in the field landscape photography. Cameras are not provided, please bring your own.