Sustainable Energy Workshops

Sustainable Technologies Workshops

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Sustainable Technologies Seminars and Workshops

The Living City Campus at Kortright is an educational hub where industry professionals gather to discuss, share, learn, demonstrate, educate and be educated. Our series of professional development training workshops and certification programs cover Renewable Energy Technologies, Green Building Technologies, and much more.

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All workshops run from 10am to 4pm,
and include lunch.
To register,
Phone: 289-268-3909

* Ask about our Customized Training:

Kortright also provides customized training
to meet the particular needs of your organization.

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Kortright's Commitment to Excellence

  • Canada's largest educational demonstrations of renewable energy
    and green buildings
  • Staff has over 75 years combined experience in teaching and installing PV systems
  • Low teacher to student ratio (max. 16 students)
  • Latest demonstrations of real systems ranging from:
    • 100 watts to 90 kw
    • Grid and off-grid systems
    • Sloped roof top flat, roof roof, integrated and tracking systems